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The one you absolutely want is G4 Luffy

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Moldef 2 points submitted 1 day ago

canada goose black friday sale On a pure copy per stamina basis, farming newer characters on Underground is usually more cost efficient. especially so if you can get away with a Buggy team. But even without Buggy, you looking at around 3 5 copies per 100 stamina on average whereas it only two copies per 100 stamina in the Chaos version. If so, I recommend doing Underground either way and just trying to get the completion gem from the Chaos version. 1 point submitted 6 days ago canada goose black friday sale

canada goose factory sale Wow, a whole night of rerolling and I haven seen a single G4 Luffy that of the QCK variant. I seen a few G4 Luffy that were PSY (the boundman one) though, I starting to wonder if he even a drop! canada goose factory sale

I figured out abit more about using the tier list and stuff, and found out that I actually had the pre evolution for of the QCK G4 Luffy you were talking about a few canada goose shop uk times is it difficult to evolve? He not in his G4 form in the pre evolved state which is why I had no idea I was getting it.

canada goose clearance sale Moldef 1 point submitted 6 days ago canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats on sale Oh, maybe I should have been a bit more precise. I think it impossible to pull the evolved G4 Luffy during the beginners sugo. I believe you can only get the pre evoluton stages for any legend in there (aside the G4 Luffy since he a super evolution). canada goose coats on sale

As such, the unevolved G4 Luffy is just fine and it really not that difficult to evolve him. The only thing I confused about is you saying he not in his G4 form in the unevolved state. because he really should be. This here is the unevolved QCK G4 Luffy that you want. He definitely in his G4 form.

canada goose uk outlet If what you getting is this guy, then it the wrong one and you wanna keep rerolling. I guess you were just getting really unlucky then. 1 point submitted 7 days ago canada goose uk outlet

Hi all, very new player looking at starting this game. Been a long time One Piece fan, but this game was kinda under the radar for me for ages. I like to ask some things starting out:

1) Is it Canada Goose Outlet worth rerolling for a particular unit in this game? I don mind if the reroll process is under an hour and I can start with a decent account that way. If it over an hour or rerolling doesn matter much, then I just start straight off and go with whatever.

2) More importantly, can I reroll for Trafalgar Law? He my absolute favourite character from the anime/manga and I must have him. Even if I have to wait till a particular canada goose kensington uk event to reroll for him or whatever.

buy canada goose jacket cheap 3) Im willing to spend a typical minnow amount monthly packs and whatnot. Any particular upcoming event I should hold on the premium currency for? buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose uk black friday Thanks for all the help in advance! canada goose uk black friday

Moldef 1 canada goose outlet online point submitted 7 days ago

Yea, it definitely worth rerolling for a strong legend (the red posters), since that will make it a lot easier to clear difficult content for newer players. Currently, the only rerolls you can do are on strawhat units, but you can easily reroll however many times you want and they have some really good legends. The one you absolutely want is G4 Luffy. He the strongest legend in the game atm alongside Whitebeard/Marco. Ideally you roll until you cheap canada goose chilliwack bomber get him AND another good Legend. Best case scenario you get G4 Luffy and Nami, since those two have amazing synergy. However, it could take a while, so as long as you get G4 Luffy and one of Sanji, Franky, Robin, Brook or Nami, you in a great spot. Do make sure that the Legend Luffy that you pulling is a QCK unit and is in his G4 form. If you pull a red poster and it a QCK Luffy that is NOT in his G4 form, then that the wrong Legend Luffy.

No, afaik they changed rerolling to where you can only get Strawhat units, so Law won be available. He will be in normal sugofest events (when the tavern glows red), so there an okay chance you pick one of his legend versions up within a few months of playing. Also, Treasure Map Law is coming to Global soon, so at least you have one Law to play around with, although he definitely not as good as Legends.

There no real “monthly” packs in this game. You can buy gems at any time and sometimes they have sales for them (like once every 3 6 months maybe). Though these sales aren THAT great that you should only buy then. Generally speaking though, this game is very VERY f2p friendly. You can easily get a very good lineup within a few months of playing without spending money. Obviously, p2p is faster, but f2p players are certainly not left behind the curve. Usually canada goose outlet people save up gems until there a sugofest event (glowing red tavern). Sugofests happen around once a week or at least every two weeks and last for 3 5 days or so commonly. canada goose outlet china Right now we have the v2 Jinbe sugofest which introduces the second Jinbe legend version and a few other good units (Rare Recruits) that complement him and are also new. v2 Jinbe however isn that great and while all other legends in the game are technically available in the sugofest (so Law as well), chances are slim to get one of the good ones. So I say you better off holding onto any of the gems you making right now, and saving them for the Treasure Map ebay uk canada goose sugofest that will come in like two weeks or so. uk canada goose Those are generally better to canada goose black friday fake pull in since you get Treasure Map boosters that will make your time there easier and again, all legends are available.

canadian goose jacket So for now, really just try to reroll G4 Luffy and another good Strawhat unit, and then just get to know the game. Play Story a bit until you get a feeling for hitting units, then see Canada Goose sale which islands you can do on the extra isle. Also, click on the flying Chopperman symbol in the top left corner of the story mode overview and basically try to follow the Rookie Mission tab. today the unlock the powers within strawhat mission and the 10 stamina version of Buggy and Vivi). 19 points submitted 10 days ago canadian goose jacket

uk canada goose outlet It so sad to see this short but beautiful manga being so underappreciated here. Every silly new Isekai manga has hundreds of comments, but this nice little comfy story flies under the radar of pretty much everyone. uk canada goose outlet

In any case, thanks so much for translating the chapter and sticking with the series! It nothing “amazing” and will likely never become a manga that you remember 50 years down the line, but it just a very pleasant and comfy read. Would highly recommend to give it a try if you unsure about it and happened to stumble into this thread 😀 23 points submitted 14 days ago.

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